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Step 3: Why Do The Curls Turn To Frizz? Top tips

Today we tackle why fresh washed curls never seemed to last and the frizz sets in so quickly. Why can't we have that just washed curl everyday?

Time to fight the frizz with our tops tips!

Keep the curls for longer!

Deep condition and trim regularly

We talked about this in Step 2 – curls need to be healthy. Invest time, a good conditioner and a trip to the hairdressers to keep hair in best condition. Also babies to toddler to older child will see hair texture changes, frizz could be a result of different hair textures – bite the bullet and go for a good trim so you’re left with one type of hair and a more defined curl.

Avoid all brushes!

We cant say this enough – a wide toothed comb is all you need to detangle. If you use a brush to get rid of the knots you will get: frizz, a tearful child and be forced to wet it again to get the curls back. A wide toothed comb is small enough to get the knots out but big enough to let the curls slip through.

Moisture = Great curls

Thick curly hair needs added moisture to stop looking dry and fizzy. So try cowashing the hair (wash with a conditioner) and invest in a good moisturiser. It’s not enough to just use conditioner the once after washing, you have to add moisture twice a day for the first three days after washing then every other day after. We suggest a light spray Inecto that doesn’t create build up. See the last step 2 blog post for product recommendations.


Revive the curls with water

To avoid product build up water is a simple way to revive curls. Wet your hands and rake through the hair a few times, you just want it ever so slightly damp. Or if the hair it too thick a simple water spray bottle ( buy one or use any old cleaning product spray- well rinsed out!) and squirt at the problem areas.
For hair that it very frizzy I recommend using two or three handfuls mousse, we really like Olive Oil ORS  available on Amazon.
Follow (either mousse or water option) with a tiny amount of moisturiser or serum, scrunch through the hair and it will air dry before they get to school.

No brushes or combs necessary, you can do this whole process just using your fingers!

Bed time hair routine is a must

Twist hair, bantu knots or even two French braids. But you must do a good comb, plait and cover up preferably with a scarf before they get into bed and spend a night tossing, turning and creating a headful of knots. If you don’t think your child will agree to wearing one try getting a pirate scarf for boys or pretty bonnet for girls even if it stays on only half the night it helps.

Key Takeaways

Moisture is your friend – apply a small amount each day and use splashes of water and scrunching to bring back curls. The more you experiment the longer you will learn to make the curl last.

Step 4: First Haircut! Successful trip to the hairdressers.

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